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Health, Harmony and Balance in your Smile

In order to have a beautiful smile, three determining factors should be considered:

Health: to meet a true health condition, the mouth should be free of caries, periodontal diseases like gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis (loss of bone supporting the teeth), in addition to any other oral pathology.

To enjoy optimal oral health, you should regularly attend the dentist, who shows the proper techniques for oral care, performs preventive treatments, and in case of any alteration, provide the prescribed treatment to remedy the situation.

Harmony: for this condition to exist, there should be a harmonious relationship between the anatomy of the teeth and gingival architecture (how the gingiva follows the contour of the teeth).

To achieve an esthetic gingival architecture, the gum should be located in the neck of the teeth and fill the interproximal space, forming a triangle between teeth, besides having a suitable color, which depends on the gingival health and the characteristics of the person.

Often this condition can be altered by different periodontal diseases or mechanical stimuli, such as improper brushing, which results in the distortion of the architecture of the gum, which the changes its position, exposing part of the root, making the tooth longer or a black space between them can be observed, breaking the visual harmony of the smile.

There are different methods to correct these defects and restore beauty to the smile; among them is the periodontal plastic surgery. When it comes to the opposite case, i.e. when the smile shows too much gum and teeth are very short, it is possible to correct this situation and improve your smile with a simple periodontal procedure.

Finally, we must achieve balance, which is obtained with full dentition, teeth in close contact with each other and with their opponents, i.e. the upper teeth bite well with the lower teeth. Today there are many alternatives to restore missing teeth; one of the most popular is dental implants, which must meet the same characteristics as natural teeth in terms of their relation to the gingiva (perimplantar mucosa) so that the result of these can provide smile aesthetics.

If you feel your teeth and gums do not meet some of the features mentioned, see a specialist in periodontics and seek advice about how you could make your smile more beautiful.

By Dr. Alejandro Guía C.